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Superior & Reliable Investment Casting Foundry

Waterson specializes in stainless steel investment casting, delivering reliably high-quality components with a focus on precision and durability. We operate fully-integrated design and manufacturing facilities, which produce products for a variety of industries including door hardware, petrochemical and medical, to name a few.

Advanced Modern Manufacturing

Waterson’s state-of-the-art facility specializes in stainless steel precision investment casting, seamlessly integrating mold making, wax pattern production, shell building, metal pouring, heat treatment, and post-processing—including pickling, sandblasting, caustic boiling, precision machining, and packaging—to ensure stable, efficient, and consistent production.

Diverse Products Across Multiple Industries

We provide a comprehensive array of products through our OEM and ODM services, catering to over ten distinct industries. Our offerings include beak-nose pliers, hardware for medical beds, furniture hardware, quick couplings, door locks, and components for climbing gear, among others. Additionally, our range of lock hardware features lock bases, lock cores, lock bodies, and tailored solutions designed to meet the specialized requirements of each sector.

Skilled 3C Team

Waterson’s expert service team ensures CLEAR, COMPLETE and CORRECT customer communication.

Customer First

We highly value customer service through regular and timely client engagement. 

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