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Waterson specializes in stainless steel investment casting, delivering high-quality components with a focus on precision and durability. We operate fully-integrated design and manufacturing facilities, which produce products for a variety of industries including door hardware, petrochemical and medical, to name a few.

Design and Manufacture Molds

In-house tooling ensures exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

Wax Pattern Production

Advanced temperature control allows for dynamic adjustment and smooth flow.

Wax Patterns Assembly

Skilled teams work with precise fixtures to create superior wax pattern trees.

Mold Flow Analysis

Skilled engineers utilize advanced ProCAST software to analyze and formulate optimal tree designs.

Shell Building

Dedicated and digitally-monitored drying rooms reduce dry time and overall expense.


Modern dewaxing machines save energy and reduces environmental impact, while improving employee safety.

precision investment casting manufacturers

Molten Metal Pouring

Each batch is 100% spectrometer analyzed to ensure accurate composition and quality.

Shell Removal

Reduced process noise enhances employee productivity and overall quality.

Casting Cleaning

Modern casting, pickling and alkaline cleaning machine ensures that parts are effectively passivated and comply with environmental standards.

Heat Treatment

In-house heat treatment facility is operated by skilled engineers and technicians to insure that parts are properly annealed for machining.


Decades of experience in all aspects of stainless steel machining, including drilling, threading, CNC, and more.

Surface Treatment

Skilled technicians and automated polishers are utilized to meet custom requirements.

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