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Closer Hinges

Stainless Steel Closer Hinges

Waterson Closer Hinge utilizes the company’s state-of-art investment casting process to produce award-winning closer hinges that feature a durable and highly functional big barrel.  This patented design and process allows us to install speed control, braking and hydraulic mechanisms inside the hinge, protecting the components and maintaining excellent aesthetics.

stainless steel investment casting

Key Features

304, 316 and 316L stainless steel
Quality traceability
Precise design details
Increased durability
Enhanced functionality

One Stop Shop

Waterson utilizes several critical in-house manufacturing processes to produce closer hinges, including investment casting, CNC machining, M/C, drilling, threading, polishing, grinding, and coating.  We are ready to provide our manufacturing excellence for your product needs.  Simply send us your design, and we will help you proceed to mass production, ensuring stability, on-time delivery, and the highest possible quality.

Design To Mass Production

Your Design Challenge

Designing and producing products through stainless steel investment casting can be quite challenging to the uninitiated. Deciding proper tolerance, designing optimal shape and integration, and selecting appropriate material grades are just a few of the common challenges.

Our Experience

We will leverage decades of investment casting experience to help you overcome your design challenges, lower your costs, and advance more efficiently to manufacturing. Our seasoned design experts will help you navigate and unlock investment casting’s many benefits.


Reliable Collaborator

We will work closely with you and collaborate on your project by providing design consulting, functionality goals and a feasible production plan. Our dedicated Waterson account managers will effectively bridge your team with our customer service and engineering professionals.

Mass Production

The name of the game will be “speed.”  We will help you proceed quickly through the design process to manufacture readiness.  Moreover, our automated facility, 24hr operation, and rapid shell drying system will further speed your project along while keeping costs down.


Product Lists

Mechanical Adjustable Swing Clear Hinges

Hydraulic Hybrid Self Closing Hinge

Mechanical Adjustable Self Closing Hinge

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