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Our mission is to provide our clients superior manufactured products through state of the art integrated production and design solutions.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1979, Waterson Corporation has more than 40 years experience in the metal machining and investment casting business. Over that period, Waterson has earned over 100 utility patents, including SAFLOK coupling, W-LOK padlock and Waterson Closer Hinges, which are known industry-wide for their exceptional quality and safety. As a result, Waterson has become synonymous with precision, durability, and high-quality stainless steel manufacturing.

The Waterson Difference

At Waterson we differentiate ourselves by leveraging Objective Goals Strategy Measure (OGSM) to effectively align our goals and strategies to day-to-day operations.  This ensures that accurate measurements are linked to our strategic planning towards acheiving company goals and your success.  

OEM+ODM Stainless Steel Excellence

Our dedicated OEM/ODM teams have extensive experience working with established brands that we can leverage to solve your design and product needs, maximizing value while minimizing transition costs and risk.




Established by Waterson Chen as a international trading company and focused on fastener.


Set up R&D department. Began its own CNC machining capabilities.


Developed SAFLOK disconnected cam coupler and utilized patents in more than 45 countries.


Set up INVESTMENT CASTING department.


SAFLOK couplers was recognized by Japanese G-mark of design excellence.


W-LOK Padlocks were certificated by EN-12320, Grade 6.


W-LOK Padlocks were approved by FF-P-2827 and ASTM F883-97 under the supervision of DoD of the United States.


Grand opening of 50,000 SQ meter brand new factory in Dou-Liou, Taiwan.


Integrated ASRS and ERP online service.


Bonded factory established.


Been assessed and found eligible to participate in the “Witness Test Data Program” by UL (Underwriters Laboratories INC.) Approved by UL and meets with ANSI 156.17-Grade l standard.


Waterson investment casting manufacturer has proudly received excellence awards related to design, marketing, and manufacturing, to name a few.  Click the icons below to learn more.

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