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As stewards of our planet, Waterson values its reduced impact on the environment.  Thus, we maintain vigilance on our ability to satisfy ESG standards and requirements throughout our organization.  We are actively committed to integrating solar power, LED lighting, and upgrading machinery, as well as achieving CFV by utilizing energy-saving technologies to calculate and reduce carbon emissions.  Our aim is to be a global carbon neutral investment casting leader.

  • Reduce: By using the investment casting process, you could possibly REDUCE  the parts used and make them a whole workpiece. 
  • Reuse: We use previous waste from other processes. So, our raw material’s carbon footprint is close to ZERO.
  • Recycle: All stainless steel parts can be recycled again into the investment process if those parts are unused.

ESG Milestones & Planning:


Company-wide ESG training.


Launch carbon emissions calculating.


Implement energy consumption improvements.


3rd party certify carbon emissions and continue to improve.


Carbon neutrality.

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